Big Pop Bubble Game

by DH Gate
  • Players take turns by rolling dice to press the opponent's corresponding number of bubbles in turn. When the last bubble of one of them is pressed, that person loses. Method B: (No dice needed) Everyone can press any number of bubbles in any row (both sides can be pressed), and the player who presses the last bubble loses.
  • This bubble push popper sensory toy is light and portable. You can easily fold it up and put it in your bag and take it where you want to play. It has high-quality rubber material, so it will not be easily damaged. Of course it can be washed and reused. You can wash with soapy water to become clean.
  • he bubble fidget sensory toy is made of non-toxic rubber material, which is harmless for children and adults. The size of 12.8 x 7.72 inch is large enough to allow you to enjoy this stress relief toy easily.
  • The push bubble popper fidget toy can not only effectively reduce the stress and anxiety of adults at work and life, but also enhance the communication relationship between children and parents. It has front and back sides. Front easy rebound, relatively gentle "pupu" sound. The reverse side is easy to push down, and the "pupu" sound is crisp. For people of all ages, just tap the bubble, and its "pupu" sound can help relieve stress and restore emotions.
  • The huge bubble game toy is suitable for birthdays, parties and holiday gifts for children, family, friends and colleagues. It is durable and can be used for a long time. You can play with your children at home, or you can relieve stress with colleagues in the company.