Action Stations Motor Skill Game


Fun Haba motor skills game in wood with police and fire department.

This super fun motor skills game consists of a vertical plate, where on one side you can play with a police theme, and on the other there is a firefighter theme. Roll the two round pieces along the path with obstacles, a fun and challenging game for any curious child! 

Depending on which side of the board is facing forward, the brave firefighters or vigilant policemen are called to action. The helicopter holds the themed rollers ready. Given an initial push, they then tumble along the hollowed-out game board. Entertaining acoustic effects and a great lever function await the junior rescue crews.

  • develops fine motor skills
  • free standing, playable on both sides (fire brigade or police)
  • entertaining soundscape with bells and rattle effect


- Length: 40 cm
- Width: 32 cm
- Height 11.5 cm

Made with:
- plywood
- metal
- Beech

The Motor Skill Game Action Stations is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.