Farm Water Play Mat

Age: 6 - 18 Months

This water play mat with its fascinating scenes from farm life is a stimulating experience for all babies. There are many visual, tactile and acoustic play elements to experiment with. Babies can easily move all the elements in the water back and forth with their hands. This is fun, strengthens the muscles and develops motor skills in a prone position. The water play mat has a soft fabric cover, so that baby can lie comfortably.

Easy to fill safety relief valve included. Please fill with distilled water. The outer shell is made of machine washable polyester and the inner sac is made of plastic.

Babies will enjoy patting the water filled bladder to make the floating butterflies move! The pig has a squeaker, the sun has crinkly foil fabric, and the farmer comes out of his tractor to be a clutching rattle toy.

Tummy time strengthens muscles and is an important part of their development. The stmulating activities of this 11.5" by 14" play mat will encourage them to crawl back to it time and time again.